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In Summary

Hopefully throughout Free Travel Consultant you have absorbed and discovered the secrets to saving on your travel.

You should now have the understanding of how airfares work and how you can use this to your advantage. Be flexible with dates, the different seasons and use your knowledge of saving on taxes others and charges for your stop over or open jaw flights.

When looking at your booking and before paying in full you should now also know exactly what is important to check and why it is so important. You want to avoid as many fees and charges as possible when travelling so these checks are extremely important.

Check your name is spelt correctly, the dates are what you want, the stop over and connection times are good and that you understand what fees are charged if you were to change or cancel a booking.

Do you know what kind of fare works best for you? Will you get a one-way or return ticket? Remember the rules of fare validity and how you can change your return flight without charge if it is booked for a 12 month ticket.

Knowing the rules to price beats and matches can be used to your advantage as well. Make sure you get the cheapest flight guaranteed by doing research and finding cheap quotes. This way you still get the cheapest flight, while keeping the help and knowledge from a professional travel expert, rather than doing it all yourself.

Don’t travel without insurance. It is a small cost to pay compared with the rest of your travel and you now know how to get around 20% off the price anyway, so there is no excuse.

Where are you going to stay? Will you stay on a friends couch, in a dormitory, in a hotel or perhaps travel by an organised group tour?

Is your accommodation walking distance to any of the sites and attractions? Is it close to transport? Are there any free museums, art galleries or nice parks nearby? Are you considering taking an extended trip, if so could you work and travel at the same time?

These are the sorts of questions you need to ask in order to save on travel. Be resourceful and do your research. I will pay off in the end leaving you with more money in your pocket and your bank account.

If none of the above sounds familiar then go back to those Articles & Free Travel Consultant and re-read the information. Gaining this knowledge of how it all works and the various options will save you money on travel if you use it to your advantage.

So go now and start researching your next trip, saving money while you’re doing it.

Happy Travels,
Free Travel Consultant