How exactly would this save you money for your travels?

How exactly would this save you money for your travels?

Open Jaws

I just want to do a brief article on open jaws and explain what they are. These can be used for saving costs now that you know about supply and demand, seat availability and airport taxed and charges.

An open jaw flight means that you can travel to a specific destination but return home from a different airport or even country.

This can help out a lot for trips where you take an organised tour which may be a one way trip departing from one place and finishing in another. It can also help if you plan on travelling around to various cities and countries in a similar fashion.

For an example of this type of travel would be to say fly into Rome, hire a car and drive up through the north of Italy and onto France, ending your trip in Paris. What you would do for the flights is get a flight to Rome and return from Paris.

To determine which cities you can and can’t open jaw with comes down to the fare validity. Usually multiple cities are grouped together and allow this type of flight.

This will change depending on the airline you choose and the type of fare you purchase.

In the above example for Rome, many of the open jaw tickets would include places such as Milan, Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt and other close by cities that have major international airports.

This is the same rule as a previous example using Los Angeles and San Francisco.
You could fly into Los Angeles, hire a car go to Vegas and then down to San Francisco and leave from there.

So how exactly would this save you money for your travels?

The first and most obvious point would be that you now do not need to get a flight back to original destination. In the Rome to Paris example above this would mean you don’t need to fly from Paris back to Rome in order to get your return flight back home.

The other ways of saving include all of the above tips I’ve given in this main article ‘How Airfares Work’.

The airport you fly in and out of will have different taxes and different airport charges. Some are cheaper than others so you could incorporate open jaw destinations in order to determine the cheapest routing.

One city might be busier than another, maybe there is a major sporting even on in one particular country making the flights over booked which of course means it is higher priced. So in that case it would be much cheaper to fly out from a less busy airport at that time.

It also allows you more freedom of choice so that you can continue travelling without back tracking to your original destination. The bonus is that by doing research on a few different options for open jaw, you can save money.

Summing up Airfares

You should now have a fairly good knowledge of how the airlines make up their prices and the way around this, both domestically and internationally, you also know about the different seasons and how to use stop over connections to your advantage by choosing the right stop-over destination or hub city and the right connection or code-share.

For the more creative type of stops, that is if it is quite a complex type flight then you might want to talk with the airline directly or a travel agent. As they have much better systems than the retail online markets.

This completes our section on how airfares work and the ways you can use these to your advantage in order to find cheaper airfares.

Remember that flexibility is key… not just with the date of departure and/or return but also with the different seasons, airlines, stop-over connection destinations and using various code-share partners when you research flight prices.

The more flexible you are, the more flexible the flight prices are and the more research you do, the more likely you are to find that great deal.

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