Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Quite possibly one of the most obvious of the 7 Natural Wonders is Mount Everest.

The summit of Mount Everest reaches a staggering 29,029 feet (8,848 metres) above the sea level and is located on the Himalayan Mountain Range that borders both Nepal and Tibet.

Many mistakenly believe that Everest is actually the tallest mountain in the world but that is only above sea level. Mauna Kea in Hawaii is actually the tallest mountain but its base start below the ocean’s surface.

The name Mount Everest was called so in 1865 after the British Surveyor-General of India. In Nepal however the name given by the locals is Sagarmatha which translates to ‘the Goddess of the Sky’. The Tibetan people also have a local name for the mountain being Chomolungma which similarly means ‘Goddess of the Universe’.

Being the highest mountain above sea-level the mountain has attracted adventurers from all over the world in the attempt to climb to the dangerous summit.

Sir Edmund Hilary of New Zealand was the first adventurer to make it to Everest’s insanely high summit back in 1953 which was not repeated again until 1965 when Nawang Gombu also made it to the summit.

Some other climbers of the most noticeable recognitions of climbing Everest include Junko Tabei who was the first female to climb Everest and in 1980 was the first solo ascent by Reinhold Messner.

Even the famous survivalist show presenter Bear Grylls made his mark on Everest being the youngest British climber to scale the mountain at the age of 23.

There are also a number of inspiring ascents that propelled these brave people into the record books.

In 2001 Everest was conquered by its first blind man, Erik Weihenmaver, 2010 a boy named Jordan Romero aged only 13 years old and the oldest female, Tamae Watanabe was 73 years old when she climbed Everest in 2012.

These are only a small portion of the records broken but there are so many in different categories such as different ages, sexes, paraplegics or the most climbs in certain periods. In short Everest surely has quite a story to tell.

The climb to the summit is not for everyone however. It takes a good amount of fitness and equipment plus the hiring of Sherpa’s is necessary and all of this comes as a hefty price.

Trips to the summit need to be planned well in advance and may be called off at any point during bad weather making the need for additional time a possibility as well.

For most tourists however you can make the climb to the Everest Base Camp. It’s a popular climb that is much easier to achieve and is, as the name suggest the base camp for the summit climbers.

Trekking up to and around the surrounding area of the massive mountain is still a fantastic experience. Not many other travellers can say they have stood in the shadow of Everest.

A simpler way of exploring the brilliant Himalayan Mountain Range includes scenic flights or helicopter tours that take you high up into the air and exploring the various parts of the range.

The absolute best time of year to visit Everest is in the months of October and November when the dry season begins. But do note that as its well and truly above sea level the high altitude can create its own unpredictable environment.

October and November is a good guideline as the rains slow down each year around the time meaning it’s your best bet for climbing and aerial tours however February to April

Not all of Everest is just about the mountain ascent little is known about many of the various wildlife as well as flora and fauna that live on the mountain too.

A minute black jumping spider can be found as high up as 6,700 metres feeding on the frozen blown in insects. This possibly makes the species the highest permanent animal in the world.

Bar-headed geese may also be flying around the mountain at high altitudes as well as the Chough which scavenges around. The Chough has also been known to include those who sadly have not returned from their expeditions.

One thing is for sure and that climbing Everest will give you the sense of accomplishment and will heighten your reality as well as giving you the feeling of being on top of the world.

To scale the mountain or to visit the popular tourist spot at Everest Base Camp then take a flight into Nepal’s city of Kathmandu and take an organised group tour from the city.

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