Travel in the right season and you will save you an absolute fortune

Travel in the right season and you will save you an absolute fortune


Travel in the right season and you will save you an absolute fortune. Not only on flight prices but hotels and basic essentials like food and drinks too.

The airlines know what time of year and which destinations that almost always gets booked out, therefore due to supply and demand they can raise that minimum price of the fare.

There are typically 3 seasons that the airlines use; high, mid and low seasons. The mid season usually wraps around the high seasons before and after the high season dates.

The difference between high and low can be very significant so travel in the low season, is the best option as far as costs go.

Again, this comes down to when you can actually travel. You might get forced annual leave during December and January just like many other people. You might have kids and don’t want to take them out of school just to save on a flight. No doubt there are also many other reasons why you can’t travel in low season.

Not all airlines are the same when it comes to seasons, they all base their seasons depending on their own past successes for their destination during that time. So if you are flexible with airlines you could find a cheap fare, when most airlines are selling peak prices.

Again, using a comparison search with flexible date option selected you will see which airlines on which dates are the cheapest. Qantas may start their high season on the 1st of December, but maybe United Airways start on the 3rd and Virgin might have their mid season right up until the 10th.

The above are made up dates, but check a week or 2 around the dates of your planned departure and see if this makes a difference. You may not get your favourite airline but as long as it’s comfortable then it shouldn’t be a big deal, especially if you are saving a significant amount.

You may also want to note, that seasons are based only from your departure date and not on the return date, unless you are buying 2 separate one way fares.

High season is usually around the holidays which include summer, school holidays and public holidays. December and January are mostly always high season due to Christmas and New Years.

Places like Greece among other island and coastal destinations, summer is often a peak period as people travel to these places specifically for the sun and water.

Ski destinations such as Canada have their peak periods at the time of year when the snow fall is often the best.

It may not be as easy to travel out of high season so it will depend on your situation but just keep in mind that by changing airline or your departure date, you could essentially be changing seasons which will reduce the fare price dramatically.

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