Why use a Travel Agent?

Why use a Travel Agent?

Why use a Travel Agent?

Some people are better at using computers, the internet and are more travel savvy than others and therefore some book online themselves already knowing what they are doing, while others struggle or end up booking the wrong thing.

This is one reason why people use travel agents. They simply find booking online too difficult or perhaps they had been stung by fees and charges from a past booking mistake.

From reading this book, you should now know what you need to look out for such as name exactly matching to the passport, fare validity and checking the cancellation or amendment rules and fees. So these mishaps shouldn’t happen to you anymore.

Most people don’t know these rules and rush ahead at the first available flight, because it has such an attractive price. But when they need to change a date they find out that they can’t it or it will cost them hundreds of dollars.

I believe it is this lack of confidence and knowledge of the airlines complex rules, that travel agencies still exist in today’s market

When you use a travel agent, you are paying for their knowledge of these rules, knowledge of the destination and how to get around etc.

Even if the agent hasn’t been to a place, they have a lot more available information at their fingertips than most people are able to find themselves, it’s all in the one place so they can easily find out plus they most likely know the experts for those countries.

Not only do you benefit from the above, but the travel agent also takes the risk.
You are paying them a commission to have knowledge of these rules and to get the booking right. Therefore if there are any expenses at your agent’s mistakes then your agent is liable for the costs.

Not all things are liable to the agent however. You must check your name on the booking and you must sign to agencies terms and conditions (make sure you check amendment or cancellation fees) etc to find out what you are responsible for.

Other reasons to use an agent is for travel to remote areas or hard to build flights.
Some destinations are just difficult to construct, especially if to do multiple stops or open jaw.

Maybe the booking is for flights, mixed with trains, mixed with buses and so on. That may just be too hard to work out yourself and is a lot of research in your own time.

In these situations I would use a travel agent. But I will do my research and price beat on part or even the entire trip if you have time to research all those quotes and make it to the travel agent.

Even though you have price beat them, the agent made the booking and so is still responsible for your travel and knowing the rules, plus you then also have the added bonus of an expert looking after your booking.

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